Sugaring Hair Removal is the best because…

  • 100% all natural
  • Less pain than waxing
  • Leads to permanent hair removal
  • No heating/no strips
  • Affordable & quick
  • Water soluble
  • Gentle on skin

Enjoy Sugar Waxing in the comfort of your own home!

Another benefit over traditional hair removal products is sugaring does not damage the top layer of skin like waxing. It only lifts the dead skin cells while removing the hair by the root. Permanent hair removal can be achieved after a short time by using sugaring repeatedly, which conditions the hair follicles.

Use these products on all your hair-Legs, Bikini Area, Face, Underarms, etc. Maintain your silky smoothness with our line of sugar scrubs and body oils that will give you an amazing healthy and younger glow.

Only the finest ingredients are used to make these products that you’ll find your skin cannot live without. More women are choosing sugaring over other hair removal methods than ever.

Every Body Loves Sugaring And Yours Will Too!

Benefits of Sugaring:

* Sugar is applied at body temperature so your skin will not burn.

* Sugar does not stick to live skin cells. It removes hair and dead skin cells only, as mentioned earlier, with little or no discomfort to the skin.

* Sugar is more sanitary. Bacteria will not breed in sugar – sugar has been used to pack and treat wounds for thousands of years – so it is an excellent product for eliminating any fear of cross contamination.

* Sugar stays pliable. It supports the hair shaft gently and completely, removing it cleanly with less breakage than with Waxing.

* Since Sugar is so simple, it can easily be cleaned up with water leaving no need to pick at the residue later, like is often the case with Wax.